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"Impossible Standards" at Ruckus Gallery

February 16, 2017

I will have two pieces in the show "Impossible Standards" at Ruckus Gallery, Old City Philadelphia, February 14th-24th! The focus of the show is how social media affects each artists work and self image.  Below is one of the pieces: Taking My Demons for a Walk.


 Statement for the show: 


"You know, we call this thing Social Media, and it sounds Outside of us, Away from us. But we hold that phone closer to our face, for more hours a day, than we will ever hold another persons face. There is no relationship more intimate than modern people to their phones. We hand over the power to affect our Softest Insides with a Data Contract to Verizon, and a few electronically signed agreements we will never read. Like children seeking constant reassurance, we post to validate our work, our thoughts, our beliefs.We monitor responses from an absurdly large crowd, a crowd most humans are not prepared to deal with fully, if it were to turn on them.​I​t's a Double-Edged sword, a Love/Hate relationship and a Sour Patch candy, all rolled into a not-so-papery trail that will live on long after we are gone.


For me, it's been alright,​ mostly,​ pioneering into the invasive, compulsive, intangible World in The Cloud. I'm an intensely private person, so in order to dip into the Swamp of Exposure, I had to setup rules​ and goals to get the benefits with as little of the negative as possible. I post almost no selfies. I only follow people and places that inspire me, and I keep each media separate. Instagram is for art, Facebook is for family, Twitter for politics. While I know these things bleed to one another, it somehow keeps it easier. ​Easier to know what's appropriate to post, what to say, who your audience is.​ These separations have provided a self-made navigation that works for me.


Occasionally I wonder if I would be better off with more followers. And occasionally the political world sucks me to depths that I had never imagined. But with that digital world safely in a corner, I am able to pull back, and focus on the life in front of me.You will hear it said by experts " you must use this technology with responsibility". What I have found, is that this responsibility lies between you and yourself. To consistently expose ourselves to images and information that shakes our sense of safety, our worth, our self-esteem, is, truly irresponsible. We have been treating this medium as a wild passionate love affair, throwing abandon to the wind, like a Bronte heroine lost on the Moors.The way we should be treating it is like a well loved family pet: no peeing on the floor, no barking, no biting, and above all The Human Is In Charge.


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