This is the info page for the K&A Spring windows 2020 application! I literally cannot express how excited I am that this project has come to fruition--I firmly believe in the power of art to transform lives in this project--from the artists to the business owners, to the families and neighbors who live along and near Kensington Ave. I'm so proud to be a part of the creative community in Philadelphia--we beat out NYC any day of the week! So get your Arty Hats and Writing Hats and Whatever Hats on and apply for this. It's a great cause, oh and wait what? We are paying the artists for their time. So many wins on this!

We would like to invite you to participate in this RFP, and help us spread the word about this opportunity. If interested, please respond with the following by February 14th at 3pm:

1. Samples of artwork

2. Experience in community-led projects and/or participatory design process

3. Previous mural or window art experience, if any

4. Short essay (100-250 words) on your impressions of and/or an experience you’ve had at K&A

Please send proposals via email by February 14th to If you have any questions or to request additional information please contact:

Jonathan Arrieta
K&A Commercial Corridor Manager
Impact Services Corp
1952 E Allegheny Ave, 3rd floor
Ph: 215.739.1600